AI is sexist and anti-Semitic too

In case you thought its bias should only concern Black people

AI is anti-black. Daily new articles and studies are published that emphasize that fact. But this deluge of damning information hasn’t created any real change. Big tech hasn’t been moved to change its fundamental processes or touch the running code on its production systems. Researchers haven’t refocused their goals to recognize their specific responsibility. A data set or two has been removed from their main websites, but no effort has been made to retrain the algorithms that utilized them. Biased models haven’t been taken out of production or barred from use in sensitive areas. Instead, industry and academia have focused on identifying patches, incremental improvements, or engineering solutions, and making pretty public statements.

But AI isn’t just anti-black. It is an equal opportunity bigot. AI is anti-Semitic. It’s sexist. AI is anti-minority as a rule. Yes, AI is racist against Black people, and you likely aren’t Black. But anti-black racism is just a tree. While you may not have a personal stake in that tree, we all have a stake in the forest.

And the forest is burning.

AI Ethicist — Making AI accessible by using plain language to discuss complex topics. Advocating for an AI that is for all.

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